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Government at all levels – federal, state, and local – faces mandates demanding greater IT efficiency and optimization. Whether it's the new federal emphasis on cloud computing or another government initiative, the pressure is on to embrace virtualization and cloud computing, provide mobile access and apps, pave the way for 'big data', and keep it all running smoothly and securely. So the question isn't whether you must act – it's how quickly and how cost-efficiently. Whether national or local government IT, Quest can help you with affordable, leading-edge government IT solutions.

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Quest's local, state, and federal government solutions:

Quest Reaches Governments in All 50 States and District of Columbia

  • Boost performance, efficiency, and governance by consolidating data centers via virtualization and cloud solutions
  • Ensure data, network, and access security capabilities scale seamlessly without adding unnecessary cost or complexity
  • Provide the large-scale data storage and backup/recovery services that underpin "big data" behind improved, real-time decision-making
  • Enable anywhere, any time access to resources by both citizens and government workers with mobile computing and apps
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