Cybersecurity Workshop

As a leading cybersecurity services provider, we have created a Cybersecurity Workshop for customers to identify and assess their current level of security and find solutions to correct any areas of weakness.

Quest’s Cybersecurity Workshop Will:

Assess Your Current Level of Cybersecurity

Gauge your level of vulnerability to multiple types of threats. We’ll review your existing security measures and/or compliance requirements to determine your unique risk factors.

Identify Unknown Vulnerabilities

Along with document and policy review, we offer an optional Vulnerability Scan and/or Firewall Consultation that reveals unknown vulnerabilities such as poor or nonexistent monitoring, weak firewall rules, and system misconfigurations.

Recommend Corrective Actions

Tailored to your organization, our recommendations will address and prioritize your security concerns, requirements, and goals. Recommendations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Tech configurations
  • Compliance requirements
  • Security policy
  • Resource optimization

Prepare Your Organization For The Future

Quest’s Cybersecurity Workshop provides your business with complete documentation and actionable recommendations so you can take the first step toward a more confident and secure business future.

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How It Works

Once you sign up for the workshop there is a four-step process:


Schedule a kickoff call, establish priorities and preferred dates, determine necessary documents and attendees

Kickoff Call

Introductions, agenda, expectations


Conduct a one-day Workshop remotely or on-site at your location or Quest’s headquarters in Roseville, CA

Final Review

Quest provides Executive Summary including cybersecurity recommendations and action items

Cybersecurity Workshop