Umbrella Support Plan

Flexible, cost-effective, and comprehensive coverage for your existing IT infrastructure.

Making sure your company’s IT infrastructure is sufficiently and reliably supported is essential.

Day-to-day challenges can fall to the backburner when organizations are faced with pressure to focus on special projects and the need to manage IT talent shortages, budgetary constraints, and accelerating technological complexity.

If you need support, we can help.

Quest’s Umbrella Support Plan is both flexible and comprehensive. It provides the structural support you need to help reduce IT-related pains and get the best return on investment from your current IT environment.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

No one is monitoring your company’s IT environment • The organization is not staying current with its patching • Security is limited • The company is facing some antiquated end-of-life gear • There is challenging backup functionality or no backup functionality at all

If your company is struggling with any of these problems, Quest’s Umbrella Support Plan can help.

How does it work?

Quest’s Umbrella Support Plan has two distinct components. The first provides IT infrastructure support for your existing operation. The second component includes an in-depth assessment and specific, prioritized recommendations for improvements to your IT infrastructure.

Support for existing IT infrastructure includes:

  • 24/7 user help desk
  • Patching of existing devices
  • Monitoring and alerting, if applicable
  • Server, network, and wireless support
  • Assessment and recommendations designed to help improve your computing environment
  • Executive-level roadmap

Infrastructure coverage:

  • Server diagnostic and performance tracking
  • Firewall, switch, and wireless AP troubleshooting
  • Monitoring of supported devices
  • Security alert monitoring
  • Best-effort support to patch servers and OS under a valid maintenance agreement
  • Open tickets with telecom for circuit outages
  • Hardware support provided as defined by the terms of the current OEM maintenance agreement
  • Make additions, changes, and updates to user mappings and perform server reboots per client request

Users coverage:

  • Remote hands-on support to resolve issues
  • Best-effort support for Windows-based desktops and applications
  • Basic “how-to” questions
  • Server-based password resets
  • Workstation and server troubleshooting and triage
  • Network/internet connectivity issues
  • User administration of MS Exchange or hosted email applications
  • User adds, moves, and changes in Active Directory

Find flexible, cost-effective, and comprehensive support for your current environment and get expert recommendations for improvements with Quest’s Umbrella Support Plan.

Contact Quest today.

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