CyberDefense Suite

Continuous Threat Monitoring and Alerting

Monitor risks and malicious activity before they threaten your business. The longer it takes to detect and respond to threats, the riskier and more costly the remedy.

Take the Right Action

Gain visibility across your organization, from endpoint to network and into the cloud, and expand your view of the virtual landscape. With Quest’s expert resources and sophisticated tools on your side, you will have the perspective you need to determine what requires your immediate attention and which action is most appropriate. Rest easy knowing that Quest CyberDefense professionals are watching your environment in real-time and around the clock.


CyberDefense Suite

Endpoint Device
Protection Monitoring
Spam and Anti-Malware
Protection Monitoring/Alerting
Vulnerability Scan

Endpoint Device Protection Monitoring/Updating

Quest will monitor your existing endpoint platform and alert you of events as they happen. We scan your IT security environment with a full-spectrum autonomous threat prevention system that ensures uninterrupted business operations. Quest observes and reports malicious attacks from external sources, such as USBs or email, while also controlling which devices are approved for use

Spam and Anti-Malware Protection Monitoring/Alerting/Updating

Quest will monitor your existing anti-spam and anti-malware platform and send timely event notifications. We can oversee the sites that your employees visit and provide proactive alerts to thwart harmful or suspicious content from accessing your data, networks, and servers.

Benefits of CyberDefense Suite

  1. Monitor for advanced threats on your endpoints.
  2. Reinforce your workforce with Quest’s sophisticated tools on your side.
  3. Benefit from Quest’s experience managing hundreds of security clients worldwide.
  4. Leverage a pedigreed Incident Response team with broad experience and capabilities.
  5. Gain insights with actionable threat intelligence.

Firewall/IDS/IPS Monitoring/Alerting

Quest monitors and alerts 24 x 7 on the thousands of messages generated by your firewalls and IDS/IPS. Quest keeps your IDS/ IPS devices up-to-date, and monitored appropriately – allowing you to swiftly identify and respond to any potential threat.

Quarterly Vulnerability Scan

Quest provides an external quarterly vulnerability assessment and enforcement of security policies. There is no infrastructure to deploy or manage. Quest helps organizations accurately and systematically document regulatory and policy compliance. Receive daily signature updates and feature enhancements, which are completed automatically and are transparent to the user, along with 24 x 7 support.

Additional Security Considerations

  • Endpoint Protection with NGAV (Next-Generation Anti-virus)
  • Network Device Patching
  • Log Correlation SIEM
    (Security Information and Event Management)
  • Log Collection/Storage
  • Device Monitoring/Alerting (Router, Server, Switch)
  • Mobile Device Management/Encryption
  • Penetration Testing
  • Server Monitoring
  • Server and Workstation Patching
  • Backup as a Service – BUaaS
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service – DRaaS
  • Firewall/IPS/IDS Platforms
  • Web/URL Filter
  • Advanced Email Anti-spam and Antivirus

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