CyberDefense Suite

The average cost of a malware attack today is estimated at $2.6 million, and the average cost of a data breach is $3.9 million. The longer it takes to detect and respond to threats, the riskier and more costly the remedy becomes.

Addressing your cybersecurity needs has never been more critical.

Quest's CyberDefense Suite helps you expand your view of the virtual landscape and gain visibility across your organization—from endpoint to network and into the cloud. With CyberDefense Suite, you can monitor risks and malicious activity before they threaten your business.


Take the Right Action

Quest’s expert resources and sophisticated tools provide you with the perspective you need to determine which issues require immediate attention so you can take the right action.

Quest’s CyberDefense Suite provides visibility across your organization and expands your view of the virtual landscape. You can relax and focus on other priorities knowing that Quest CyberDefense professionals are monitoring your environment 24/7.

CyberDefense Suite

  • Endpoint Device Protection Monitoring

    Endpoint Device Protection Monitoring

  • Spam and Anti-Malware Protection Monitoring/Alerting

    Spam and Anti-Malware Protection Monitoring/Alerting

  • Firewall/IDS/IPS Monitoring/Alerting

    Firewall/IDS/IPS Monitoring/Alerting

  • Quarterly Vulnerability Scan

    Quarterly Vulnerability Scan

Endpoint Device Protection

Endpoint Device Protection Monitoring/Updating

The CyberDefense Suite provides you with endpoint device protection monitoring and updating for your existing endpoint platform, alerting you of events in real-time.

You can redirect your focus to other business priorities while Quest’s certified and trained IT professionals scan your IT environment with a full-spectrum, autonomous threat prevention system. Quest monitors and reports malicious attacks from external sources, such as USBs or email by reviewing, evaluating, and controlling approved devices.

The benefits of the CyberDefense Suite include having a pedigreed Incident Response team with broad capabilities and Quest’s experience managing hundreds of clients worldwide. Reinforce your workforce with Quest’s sophisticated tools on your side and gain vital insights with actionable threat intelligence.

Spam and Anti-Malware Protection

Spam and Anti-Malware Protection Monitoring / Alerting / Updating

With CyberDefense Suite in place, Quest will monitor your existing anti-spam and anti-malware platform and send your team event notifications as they happen. Quest will oversee sites your employees visit and provide proactive alerts to thwart any harmful or suspicious content from accessing your organization’s data, networks, and servers.

Proactively monitoring for suspicious activity will help reduce the likelihood of a cyberattack and improve your chances of fully recovering should an attack occur. Receiving alerts for suspicious content can help you determine if your employees need additional training on fundamental cybersecurity practices.

Firewall/IDS/IPS Monitoring/Alerting

Firewall/IDS/IPS Monitoring/Alerting

Your firewall is the essential first line of defense in preventing unauthorized traffic from accessing your systems. Make it more robust with Quest.

With CyberDefense Suite in place, Quest will review the thousands of messages generated by your firewall, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) 24/7, alerting you on an as-needed basis. Quest will monitor and keep your IDS/IPS devices up-to-date, allowing your team to identify and respond to any potential threat swiftly.

Quarterly Vulnerability Scan

Quarterly Vulnerability Scan

Attackers need only one point of vulnerability to exploit and gain entrance to your systems. For that reason, Quest recommends and provides an external quarterly vulnerability assessment and enforcement of security policies.

Quest can help your organization accurately and systematically document regulatory and policy compliance. Your team doesn’t need to do anything. There is no infrastructure to deploy or manage. You will receive daily signature updates and feature enhancements, which are completed automatically and are transparent to the user, along with expert 24/7 support.

Optional IT Security Considerations

Endpoint Protection with NGAV (Next-Generation Anti-virus) • Network Device Patching • Log Correlation SIEM • Log Collection/Storage • Device Monitoring/Alerting (Router, Server, Switch) • Mobile Device Management/Encryption • Penetration Testing • Server and Workstation Patching • Backup as a Service • Disaster Recovery as a Service • Firewall/IPS/IDS Platforms • Web/URL Filter • Advanced Email Anti-spam and Antivirus

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