Backup and Data Recovery Review

Backup and Data Recovery Review

Ensuring your assets are protected
Many organizations with a Backup and Recovery Solution (BRS) find that it’s missing the mark. It’s not uncommon to find gaps between a company’s business requirements and the capabilities of their BRS.

Recovery... Will you get your data back?

  • Does your business regularly test its backups?
  • Where will your data be restored?
  • Can your database be mounted and accessed?
  • Are your data and applications consistent?

Quest’s Backup and Data Recovery Review can help!

Our Backup and Data Recovery Review will provide you with information concerning your backup and recovery capabilities, including:
  • Data gathering
  • Data review and analysis
  • Recommendations and feedback

Do you have the right BRS?

Schedule a Quest Backup and Data Recovery Review and our experts will identify the best BRS for your business’s unique needs. Through our recovery testing, we will determine if your backups are recoverable and whether or not your RPO/RTO requirements will be met.

Quest provides offsite backup storage.

How do you manage your company’s growth and the rising costs of storing backup and archived data? Quest can help, offering storage services both on and offsite. Quest’s High Availability Business Center in Roseville, California offers target and source backup replication and storage to ensure your assets are truly recoverable.