Risk Management Workshop

Risk Management Workshop

Identify your unique business risk factors and explore mitigation options to get tailored recommendations you can implement now

The Risk Management Workshop will:


Uncover and Examine Points of Exposure

The Risk Management Workshop takes an executive look at your organization to uncover risk beyond the IT department, such as undocumented policies and processes or gaps between recovery expectations and capabilities. Our Risk Management Workshop walks you through all the factors to identify key solutions that will help you mitigate risk, align with industry standards and compliance regulations, and streamline your business continuity.


Share Comprehensive Business Insight

Our experts will take a deep dive into the areas of your organization where you’d like to focus and offer an expert business perspective that keeps your bottom line in mind. Your Risk Management Workshop can concentrate on any number of the following:

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Business Continuity
  • Security Management
  • Mitigation Strategies
  • Crisis Communication & Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Process Management

Equip Your Organization with Tailored Recommendations

You’ll receive an outline of tailored recommendations as specific as a backup review or as high-level as a revised security policy, depending on your area of focus. By arming you with a customized Executive Summary, our Risk Management Workshop will outline a strategy for building foresight and resiliency into your business model.



What works for you and your team? Depending on your availability and requirements, we can meet with you as soon as possible, or in the near future.


The Risk Management Workshop can be conducted onsite at your location or at Quest’s Roseville, CA office.

Recommended Attendee Titles

If you are not the business owner and/or key decision maker, please ensure they are present; business operations/decisions are directly tied to technology requirements for most organizations. We also recommend having these key team members present:

COO     CEO     CRO     CIO     CTO

CAO     CCO     Department Managers

Preferred Documentation to Review

We recommend having the following items ready to review for this Workshop, if they are available:

Current DR/BCP Policies    Network Drawings

Current Security Policy

Timeline at a Glance

Pre-Workshop: Scheduling kickoff call, establishing priorities
Kickoff Call: Introductions, agenda, expectations
Workshop: Conduct a one-day, on-site Workshop
Final Review: Quest provides Executive Summary including recommendations and action items

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