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Wireless Review

Quest will help you identify equipment placement, power considerations, wiring requirements, recommended positioning of access points and other critical aspects of a secure wireless network.

Building a successful, secure wireless network entails careful planning, implementation and on-going support. Whether the issue is the number or location of access points or your network infrastructure, a Quest Wireless Review provides the answers necessary to enhance and secure your wireless network.


  • The number of users on your network
  • Your required bandwidth
  • Current equipment and requirements
  • Applications used on your network
  • Your timeline and budget


  • Current wireless networks and access points
  • Channel utilization
  • Noise interference
  • Number of users per access point


  • One access point set to test signal levels at multiple locations
  • Current cabling infrastructure
  • Available ports on your patch panel and switches

Quest's Wireless Review covers one location, up to 2 floors or 20,000 square feet

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