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Quest's VoIP Readiness Check yields:

Critical Answers

You've considered moving to or upgrading your existing Voice over IP (VoIP) solution, but you're unsure of the impact IP telephony will have on your network or team's work flow. Before adopting anything new, it's critical that you first understand the state of your existing network. Quest can help you identify current limitations and restrictions so your company can plan accordingly.

Examination and Practical Simulation

To identify potential hiccups and define the most efficient VoIP transition, Quest reviews your network's capability to support Voice over IP by simulating and measuring user experience. Using RISC Network's Traffic Sim tool, Quest:

  • Simulates VoIP media traffic using constant packet rates and sizes that mimic specific VoIP Codecs (such as G.711 or G.729)
  • Applies separate quality measurements and profiles to each type of packet flow
  • Provides detailed insight into 3 key metrics - jitter, loss, and latency - on each of the simulations performed, with well-defined, easy-to-evaluate thresholds

Actionable Documentation

Following evaluation and simulation, Quest provides a high-level overview of your network performance. Armed with such information, you can toss yesterday's outdated technology and embrace newer, more efficient features that better complement your organization's competency.

VoiP Digital Readiness steps

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What works for you and your team? Depending on your availability and requirements, we can meet with you as soon as possible, or in the near future.

The VoIP Readiness Check is conducted remotely.

Recommended Attendee Titles
If you are not the business owner and/or key decision maker, please ensure they are present; business operations/decisions are directly tied to technology requirements for most organizations.
We recommend having these key team members present:

IT Management
Network Engineer
VMware Engineer

Preferred documentation to review or conditions to be met
We recommend having the following items ready for the VoIP Readiness Check:

SNMP Enabled
Subnet Range to be Scanned
Proxy service bypass in place

Timeline at a Glance
Pre-Workshop: Scheduling kickoff call, establishing priorities
Kick-Off Call: Introductions, agenda, expectations
Install Meeting: Cloud-based appliance installed
Final Review: Quest provides Executive Summary including recommendations and action items