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Implementing a Voice over Internet Protocol network

Successful voice/data network implementation begins with a methodical process. You can save considerable time and money by developing an in-depth assessment, as opposed to troubleshooting a poorly-implemented system. It is critical to know the limitations of existing hardware and to plan accordingly. As with any project, having a reliable plan in hand is the best indication of future success.

Start with a VoIP assessment

We begin by completing an extensive VoIP Readiness Check. This is more than a simple laundry list of parts; a complete VoIP assessment includes examining:

  • Hardware: routers, switches, HVAC, cable, etc.
  • Fault tolerance, load
  • Inbound and outbound calling
  • PBX functionality, including conferencing, transferring, emergency (911), and hold
  • Determining requirements for additional functionalities: integration with other voicemail systems, phone-to-phone intercom, music-on-hold, conferencing, call queuing, and more

Which equipment?

It's easy to be overwhelmed. With so many options and requirements to consider, most organizations don't have the time or staff to investigate all possibilities. Quest can help. When it comes to implementing a VoIP network, you can trust Quest will not pressure you to choose a vendor based on anything other than meeting your business objectives. Our singular goal is to find the right combination of equipment, services, and benefits for your individual needs.

New locations?

If not planned ahead, new locations can prove more challenging than new installations. Depending on the systems you have in place, you may face challenges with common features – forwarding calls, on-hold capabilities, paging, transferring calls, etc/ – that are nonissues with traditional PBX phone systems. If you wind up with more than one system, whether through acquisitions, growth, or other circumstances, you may encounter additional training costs and productivity issues. Quest can help you!

Secure VoIP communications

VoIP is data, plain and simple. And like all data, VoIP needs to be secured against tampering and malicious attacks. If your VoIP network isn't secure, it's possible someone could infiltrate and intercept your phone data and change the content, or simply eavesdrop. Quest can assist with important security considerations like:

VoIP Network Management Services
  • Data encryption
  • User security policies
  • QoS (Quality of Service)
  • Firewalls
  • Packet filters
  • End-to-end security

Trust Quest for your VoIP network

Quest's extensive experience installing and supporting VoIP installations works in your favor. We can effortlessly guide you through common pitfalls, ensuring faster implementation, lower costs, and fewer problems. When you choose Quest for your VoIP network implementation, you provide your organization with dedicated knowledge and expertise focused on your objectives. Discover the benefits of complete confidence. Engage Quest.

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