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Meeting face-to-face without hassles

Quest's Cloud HD Video Conferencing solution provides what its users want most: smooth, jitter-free image and voice quality with breakthrough low latency – all delivered via an intuitive, easy-to-use web-based interface with self-service convenience. No tech experts required just to set up a meeting. This is what it takes to achieve the spontaneous, near face-to-face experience that's so essential to efficient, effective collaboration. What's more, the Quest Cloud HD Video Conferencing experience can be scaled to hundreds of endpoints, thanks to an architecture able to network multiple videoconferencing routers.

Videoconferencing for the real world

This is videoconferencing for the real world, based on the latest Scalable Video Coding standard and designed to perform in lossy network environments. So it works and works well without pricey network upgrades or complicated bandwidth management. In fact, Quest's Cloud HD Video Conferencing solution does not require dedicated bandwidth at all. It produces smooth images and sound with only a decent bandwidth allocation. Video streams are dynamically optimized to the capabilities of each individual endpoint as well as network conditions. And because it's software-based, clients are free to choose any device loaded with Quest's Cloud Video Conferencing portal software, which offers users the chance to set personal preferences and customizations and also moderate their own meetings, access the public directory, and create groups and speed dial lists.

A killer app

Many IT capabilities deliver bottom-line value in subtle ways that are challenging to immediately justify. But cloud-based HD videoconferencing has a clear, first-order ROI that's easy to do – just calculate business travel costs before and after implementing it. Some customers see payback literally after the first use. Tim Burke (President and CEO of Quest) emphasizes there's a great deal more than this to Cloud HD Video Conferencing ROI. "The hard-to-pin-down productivity of better, faster communication and collaboration, for one," he says. "And the ways it encourages employee mobility and bring your own device, both of which can reduce overhead. Not to mention how using Cloud services shifts costs from CapEx to OpEx. But start with the travel budget. It's the fastest way to wrap your head around what a killer app Cloud HD Video Conferencing really is."