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Quest's HD Cloud Based Video Conferencing Solutions

Cloud video conferencing: a simple-to-use HD multipoint conferencing experience that spans mobile, desktop, room systems, and immersive telepresence environments, and is easy to dynamically scale to your changing business requirements and growth.

As more and more workers function remotely and travel budgets continue to shrink, the need for quality video conferencing from any device located anywhere has increased dramatically.

And yet the high price of hardware combined with the complexities involved with operation and maintenance have rendered traditional video conferencing solutions impractical for many, if not all, organizations.

Quest closes this gap with its Cloud HD Video Conferencing Solutions, which reliably enable multiple face-to-face connections via widely available IP, 4G, and satellite channels to boardrooms, desktops, and mobile iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Based on the latest SVC (Scalable Video Coding) standard, Quest's Cloud HD Video Conferencing Solutions are designed to perform in lossy real-world network environments without need for pricey network upgrades or complicated bandwidth management.

Key features of Cloud Video Conferencing:

  • Telepresence video quality for multiple face-to-face connections
  • Point-and-click simplicity on corporate and BYOD mobile devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows devices
  • Intuitive web-based interface with self-service convenience creates a consistent, reliable user experience that connects seamlessly and is easy to use
  • Connects any conference room, desktop, or mobile device with high-quality audio and high-definition video (up to 1440p/60fps with ultra-low latency) via standard broadband IP networks, including 4G wireless and satellite link
  • Ability to host meetings and invite participants from any device
  • Can use existing conference room systems to connect (Polycom, LifeSize, Tandberg, and Cisco)
  • Easy to dynamically scale to hundreds of endpoints
  • Can record meetings and broadcast them online
  • Accessible to everyone via any IP device
  • Affordable and simple to use
Video Conferencing Solutions by Quest

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