Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

All the IT You Need
When and Where You Need It

Your IT resources must be positioned to help your
business realize its financial and strategic objectives —
something that’s difficult to achieve when you’re
burdened with the complexities and limitations of
a traditional data center.

Required: A Cloud-Friendly Infrastructure

Today’s data centers need to support a highly mobile workforce, a proliferation of devices both physical and virtual, and increasingly data-driven business models. Data centers also must seamlessly incorporate cloud applications and services that are likely to scale dramatically and unpredictably.

It all adds up to a new kind of data center architecture that dynamically unites computing, networking, storage, and management into an intelligent, fabric-based infrastructure able to automate deployment and management across physical and virtual resources for superior delivery of IT as a cloud-based service.

Quest’s Infrastructure as a Service: Built for You

This sort of new data center architecture is prohibitively expensive to build and deploy. Fortunately, Quest has built it for you. Our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) uses leading-edge hardware and software components that have been combined to…

  • Enable rapid and secure on-demand delivery of infrastructure and network services across all types of applications (including virtual ones), so you get scalability, performance, and high availability;
  • Deeply integrate our server environment and our network — so management, transparency, and security move with virtual machines across the environment to provide a secure, highquality experience within and between clouds of all kinds; and
  • Ensure automatic provisioning and management, including self-service capabilities, policy-based controls, metering and billing/chargeback, and orchestration across our infrastructure’s powerful resources.

Quest IaaS: Ready 24 x 7

As the foundation of our many cloud offerings, Quest’s IaaS is deployed in our worldwide network of Service Delivery Centers, ready 24 x 7 to bring you a secure, unified, intelligent architecture that you pay for out of your OpEx budget, not CapEx.

The Quest Cloud Platform® (QCP)

QCP is a scalable standards-based design, leveraging technology to optimize performance, automation and capacity:

  • Scalable to hundreds of thousands of VMs and tens of thousands of hosts for geographically-diverse delivery;
  • Current design provides 40 GB networking for storage and client internal connectivity;
    • Internet connectivity is scalable to whatever need the client may have;
    • Next generation SMB-based, tier-less storage; and
    • Performance is managed at the individual VM level

We can provide technology and services capability in any configuration you choose, bringing you many deployment options for ownership and/or management, including local, remote, and hybrid cloud services.

We’ll work with you at every level in your current IT environment, with deeply experienced professionals — capable of translating business goals into technical requirements and implementation plans, then following through to deployment, management, and ongoing support. You will get all the IT you need when and where you need it.