Patch Management as a Service (PMaaS)

Patch Management as a Service

Patching is a critical aspect of IT security. It is also a complex and time-consuming cycle. With Quest’s Patch Management as a Service, we’ll tackle the patching process with you, freeing your time and easing your mind.

Patching Is Critical (And Complicated)

Comprehensive patching programs bolster IT security by limiting organizations’ exposure to vulnerabilities and thus minimizing risk. But maintaining updated software for countless applications plagued by increasingly sophisticated malware is easier said than done.

An effective enterprise patching process requires intimate knowledge of your existing environment as well as the flexibility to continually evolve with your IT infrastructure. And keeping up with the constant flood of patches is tough. After all, each time something changes in your IT environment - new virtual machines, applications, or BYOD - there is a new set of patches to identify, evaluate, and deploy in a timely fashion. It’s therefore no wonder that organizations, busy with other business obligations, are often overwhelmed by patching or overlook the process entirely.

Quest Can Help

Fortunately, you can automate the patching process with Quest’s Patch Management as a Service. Our experts can facilitate all phases of patch management from detection to implementation and provide a customized solution that suits your organization's priorities and specifications.

Patch Management Peace of Mind

Engage Quest to manage the complex, cyclical patching process so you can focus on other pressing aspects of your business. With our Patch Management as a Service, you'll have a team of experienced security experts on your side, reducing vulnerabilities one patch at a time.

Quest PMaaS Key Features

  • Patch Compliance
  • Centralized Control
  • Virtualization Support
  • Distributed and Remote Patching
  • Third-Party Application Patching
  • Heterogeneous Platform Support
  • Patch Automation
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