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Fortify Your Human Firewall Against Cyber Attacks

Companies spend millions on firewalls, but suffer breaches due to well-meaning employees unaware of security risks.

  • Cyberattacks are among the top 3 threats facing organizations today
  • All it takes is one employee
  • 95% of all cyberattacks are caused by human error

  • A comprehensive Cyber Security program not only focuses on physical and technical security practices and methods, but also on the human aspects of cyber security threats.

    Quest delivers a holistic Security Awareness & Compliance SaaS solution, powered by Inspired eLearning, equipping employees with the necessary armor to readily handle front-line attacks that continually exploit the human weakness in IT systems.

    Train Your Users

    • Security awareness training effectively changes behavior and reduces security-related risks by 60%
    • Turnkey packages, simple to get up and running and adaptable as needs change
    • Protect your organization from HIPAA and HITECH violations
    • Maintain PCI compliance by protecting cardholder data and detecting and preventing fraud
    • Comply with GDPR requirements by protecting the personally identifiable information (PII) of European Union citizens
    • Micro Learning, short modules for on-demand training to support employees at time of need.

    Phish Your Users

    • Phishing is the single most common method of cyberattack
    • PhishProof simulated phishing assessments can reduce your susceptibility by more than 92%
    • Mock phishing attacks to test employee preparedness and dramatically increase information retention
    • Pinpoint weak spots and instantaneous training for individuals on how to avoid phishing attacks

    Analyze Security Competency

    • Analytical measurement of improvement and security competencies
    • Training Reports - Easy to use reporting options to track user activity, assignment completions, and more
    • Adaptive Analytics - Measuring the ROI of the training program by time returned when leaners have acquired the knowledge
    • PhishProof Analytics - Highly effective analytics to identify susceptible users and compare performance over time

    Protect your organization today! Contact Quest to help you build that human firewall.