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Quest announced today that it will offer Quest Data Protector (QDP) Subscriptions through a partnership with Beachhead Solutions.

Sacramento, CA: September 15, 2006 — Quest announced today that it will offer Quest Data Protector (QDP) Subscriptions through a partnership with Beachhead Solutions. This comprehensive solution ensures organizations always have access to their data – and that no one else ever does! Data protection services offer enterprise-controlled encryption and data destruction, which protects against malicious exposure that results from PC loss, theft or insider threat. Together these tools return PC data control to the enterprise while allowing uninhibited end-user productivity.

>"We enthusiastically welcome Quest to our network of partners”, says Jim Obot, CEO of Beachhead Solutions. Obot adds, “Quest brings IT competency that is second-to-none and they’re a trusted marketplace leader. Quest Data Protector will be a winner for their customers who recognize the need to protect and control data that resides on PCs.";

Quest CTO, Mike Dillon, said "Quest was looking for more than a file/disk encryption solution. We needed a tool that would help our clients when the laptop is stolen. When sensitive data is compromised, we need to take action immediately. Beachhead provides us the capabilities to proactively prevent data loss by implementing systems and procedures to control data beforehand and to take action and protect and destroy sensitive data once it has left the customer’s control by corruption, loss or theft."

This partnership represents an offering of best-of-breed software solutions wrapped with IT competency and service that is first rate. "Quest shares our vision that organizations must retain control of the data on PCs just as they do with the data that resides on their internal networks," says Obot. He continued, "The Quest Data Protector subscription removes the security burden from the end user and puts that control in the hands of the enterprise."

About Beachhead Solutions Inc.

Beachhead provides security software and services to enterprise and government customers responsible for controlling access to data on PCs and mobile devices. Beachhead’s software is a complete encryption and security solution that is both easy to administer and user-transparent, and will automatically eliminate data on lost or stolen computers. For more information, visit

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