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The Power of Data Loss Prevention Explained in New Quest® Executive Brief

Sacramento, CA: April 24, 2012 -- As organizations generate more and more data, keeping track of it all — and making sure that sensitive data is sufficiently protected — has never been more important.

Quest’s new Executive Brief, Protecting Your Critical Business Data: The Data Loss Prevention Payoff, explores the high cost of insecure data, reveals how prevalent the theft of intellectual property and the "leakage" of sensitive data really are, and describes how data loss prevention (DLP) technology can protect corporate data from misuse, malicious or otherwise.

"Because of the sophistication of today’s cyberattacks, the sheer volume of data, and the spread of so much sensitive data onto insecure devices like smartphone and tablets, small and large companies alike face the threat of data leakage and data theft that can transform in an instant from theoretical to a back-breaking, in-your-face disaster," says Quest President and CEO Tim Burke.

Offered free of charge, Protecting Your Critical Business Data: The Data Loss Prevention Payoff uses charts, graphs, and statistics to spotlight today’s threat environment. The brief then goes on to explain why and how DLP technology is so effective at keeping those threats at bay and, finally, delineates five key DLP strategy essentials.

"We’re providing this Executive Brief," Tim Burke notes, "to help smaller and midsize organizations better understand that the many threats to their sensitive data can be addressed by identifying, monitoring, and controlling the data itself — who uses it, where it goes, how it’s transmitted, where and how it’s stored — rather than relying only on security technologies that focus on networks, devices, applications, or people."

Protecting Your Critical Business Data: The Data Loss Prevention Payoff is available as a downloadable PDF from Quest at its website, Print copies are also available on request.

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