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Beachhead Solutions’ Hosted Lost Data Destruction® Solution
First Product to Close Serious Gap in Network Data Security

SANTA CLARA, CA: Sept. 14, 2006 -- Beachhead Solutions Inc. today announced the first PC data security service developed specifically for Managed Service Providers. MSPs can now offer their customers comprehensive protection of PC data that resides at the network’s edge. The product, Lost Data Destruction (LDD), is a managed approach to security that includes intelligent encryption and targeted data destruction protecting sensitive PC data from a variety of threats. Beachhead’s Hosted LDD can be quickly implemented and requires no upfront software procurement or burdensome rollout. The application is hosted by Beachhead Solutions and administered by the MSP via a secure Internet connection. MSP customers recognize the vulnerability of data that resides on their PCs and laptops. Their MSPs will be able to close this gap quickly and with minimal investment with Hosted LDD.

"Beachhead has taken the complexity out of securing distributed PC data outside of the network," says Tim Burke, President and CEO of Quest, a major IT hosting and consulting firm in California. "No other software provider has given MSPs the service tools to protect their clients’ data once it leaves the network. Our customers want solutions in the ‘set and forget’ category so they can focus on productivity. We see a tremendous opportunity in offering a subscription service with this kind of value proposition."

This security service removes many of the traditional customer objections to protecting sensitive data at the edge of the network by:
• Reducing or eliminating costs associated with internal deployment, including hardware, software, expertise development, user training and help desk support;
• Providing intelligent encryption, including key management and restoration;
• Eliminating the need for user compliance and acceptance;
• Providing support for multiple users; and
• Offering remote administration.

Unlike most other data security products, Beachhead’s Hosted LDD software-based solution does not depend on end-user compliance or involvement, takes action with or without an Internet connection, and is particularly suitable for organizations that want to exercise greater control over confidential data.

About Beachhead Solutions Inc.

Beachhead provides security software and services to enterprise and government customers responsible for controlling access to data on PCs and mobile devices. Beachhead’s data destruction solution automatically eliminates sensitive information and prevents unauthorized use on computers that are lost or stolen without dependence on user compliance. For more information visit

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