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Service Delivery and Network Operations Centers by Quest

Customer-driven technology solutions
Quest offers customers over 30 years of IT expertise they can rely on for effective service and support. With a global footprint of 24 x 7 Service Delivery and Network Operations Centers, discover why partners engage Quest as a trusted technology consulting and management firm.

With Quest, your customer’s needs always come first, and your ongoing success is our top priority. Benefit from our vast experience with Fortune 50-5000 corporations helping navigate IT industry trends and developments. In Quest you’ll find an unbiased partner who values mutually confident relationships and sustains them by exceeding your expectations.

Assessments & Workshops
Quest offers complimentary assessments and workshops conducted at the customer location and tailored to an organization’s particular needs, allowing you to test drive and evaluate our services at no charge. Highly interactive and “business outcome” focused, these sessions can take a step back to look at the bigger picture, or dive into the weeds to discuss seemingly insurmountable challenges.


Cloud Services PDF File by Quest

Powered by our global network of 24x7 Service Delivery Centers, Quest supports dedicated and shared clouds in public, private, and hybrid environments customized to suit your unique requirements. With “as-a-service” options for Infrastructure, Platform, Disaster Recovery, Security, Business Continuity and more, Quest is here to help achieve your desired outcomes.

Related Assessments & Workshops
  • Cloud Workshop
    A tabletop discussion to identify capabilities that can be moved to the cloud, determine the necessary service availability, understand security, privacy, and compliance requirements, and discuss the various cloud solutions that fit your needs.
  • Desktops as a Service Trial
    Our 14-day DaaS Trial enables users to run their own end-point devices to test protocols, browsers, productivity applications, shared drives, email, and more.
  • Storage Workshop
    A comprehensive review of your storage health requirements and availability goals, including feedback on your current solutions and strategies, and recommendations for improvement.
  • Enterprise File Sharing Trial
    Our 30-day trial equips users to test drive our file sharing platform to store files based on size, security, and compliance requirements, all customized for cloud, on-premise, or hybrid solutions.


Service Delivery Centers PDF File by Quest

Quest’s growing network of 24 x 7 Service Delivery Centers stretches across the globe, with locations in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia, and comprised of facilities meeting the highest possible safety and security standards, while also offering the broadest range of services available to accommodate both people and data.

Check out our new High Availability Business Center in Roseville, California for the many capabilities Quest has to offer:


Infrastructure Services PDF File by Quest

Quest can work with you to define and deliver infrastructure solutions to fit most any need: data and voice cabling, data center design and construction, access control, video systems and surveillance, LED/ smart office and lighting, fiber optics and fusion splicing, indoor/outdoor wireless, and more.

Related Assessments & Workshops
  • Wireless Review
    A collaborative review and on-site diagnostic run of your wireless infrastructure to identify any vulnerabilities, ensure compliance with industry safety standards, and determine critical access points.
  • Physical Security Assessment
    A hands-on examination of your infrastructure and tangential assets (including your building, facilities, and network) to identify vulnerabilities, make tailored recommendations, and address security gaps.


Managed Services PDF File by Quest

Designed to fit your requirements and budget, our customized Service Level Agreements help support and manage your environment. Whether leveraging your systems and platforms or ours, Quest works seamlessly with your staff, systems, policies and procedures to achieve your IT goals from anywhere in the world.


Quest’s network services can help identify issues and opportunities for improvement to assure visibility of critical systems and dependencies.

Related Assessments & Workshops
  • Network Health & Infrastructure Check
    An analysis of your IT environment — hardware, software, circuits, and workstations — to determine everyday performance levels, define areas of under/overutilization, and identify sources of performance issues.
  • Database Health Check & Analysis
    Ensure your technology platform is optimized for performance by identifying server bottlenecks and reasons for slow application response time, and uncovering the root causes of slow database performance.
  • End-of-Life Check
    A network scan to identify vulnerabilities and missing upgrades, poor configuration practices, and unmet compliance regulations, followed by recommendations for improvement.


Professional Services PDF File by Quest

Delivered by a world-class team of engineers and consultants, Quest experts help customers achieve their business goals. From architecture, design, implementation and management of core technologies to project management, system integration, application development, security, and staffing, Quest is here to help.



Risk Management PDF File by Quest

Managing organizational risk requires companies take a holistic, comprehensive approach to planning for unforeseen events that could significantly impact the credibility and longevity of your business. Engage Quest to help with your business impact analysis, crisis communications, business continuity and disaster recovery, process management, security, and risk mitigation.

Related Assessments & Workshops
  • Disaster Recovery Workshop
    On-site DR testing, analysis, and documentation of results, plus recommendations on how to keep DR simple and affordable while ensuring functionality and compliance.
  • Risk Management Workshop
    A C-level discussion of business impact analysis, crisis communications and management, disaster recovery, security vulnerability management, process management, and risk mitigation strategies.
  • Backup & Data Recovery Review
    Review your current replication, information availability, data recovery, and archiving practices to uncover any knowledge or technical gaps, and find the best backup and recovery solutions for your organization.
  • Business Continuity Workshop
    A thorough evaluation of any existing crisis policies and procedures, including a review of important requirements, and recommendations on how to form recovery teams, alert stakeholders, and create an effective command center.


Managed Security PDF File by Quest

Quest security professionals work with your teams to deliver on-premise and managed solutions appropriate for your environment and business. Whether for applications, network or physical safety and security, leverage our experts to help with your policy, compliance, remediation and management needs.

Related Assessments & Workshops
  • Security Workshop
    A tabletop discussion of your practices, an optional vulnerability scan, and recommendations on how to fortify your security plan.
  • Security Policy Workshop
    An in-depth and collaborative exploration of best practices, organizational goals, and recommended approaches to building a security policy that fits the individual needs of your organization and its stakeholders.
  • Web Application Security Scan
    A security scan performed on one target to identify vulnerabilities and discuss potential corrections to tighten defenses, improve productivity, and reduce data loss and downtime.
  • Firewall Review
    A remote vulnerability assessment of your firewall(s) that uncovers any open threats and configuration weaknesses, and provides recommendations to improve against data breaches and break-ins.


“Not a single issue occurred during our move to the cloud, which is unheard of.”

Mike Perusse, CTO/CIO of MegaPath

“With Quest, I don’t need to buy the whole offering when all I really need is a small piece of it. Quest is with you for the long haul. Plenty of businesses talk about relationships, but Quest lives it every day.”

Richard Wong, Director of IT Infrastructure, Fremont Bank

“Of the more than half-dozen facilities we examined, Quest’s was the only one that combined architectural and geographical stability, power redundancy, and solution offerings we were seeking in a partner.”

David Espinosa, Director of IT at Sparks, NV-based ITS Logistics

“Quest never tries to persuade you that there’s only one answer, one solution. What’s more, they respect your input and incorporate it into their suggestions. With Quest, I always know that I’m still the one in control of my project.”

Bob Kehr, Manager of Technological Support, California Davis Joint Unified School District

“Quest’s operation not only met my expectations - it exceeded them. All the hardware is cutting-edge. Same with the networking technology. And the NOC, with the array of visuals showing the high-level monitoring across the enterprise and network, is equally impressive. I can’t emphasize enough that beyond their technology offerings, technical skills, and impressive facilities, it’s the relationship you build with Quest that is truly exceptional.”

David Solis, Director of Information technology, One Legal LLC

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