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Protect your people and your property

Your organization needs a strong defensive posture to effectively manage daily threats that continue to grow increasingly sophisticated. Do you know where to start? We do. As part of a Physical Security Assessment, Quest examines all aspects of your infrastructure and other assets, utilizing our expertise in security and technology to uncover potential security vulnerabilities. We provide a thorough assessment of your buildings, facilities, and network to develop an actionable plan for addressing your security needs. Quest will also perform a comprehensive inspection of your video surveillance system utilizing our expertise in security and technology to uncover existing and potential video surveillance vulnerabilities.

A Quest Physical Security Assessment is an important first step in assembling a comprehensive and proactive security solution that grows with your needs; it is designed to help you quickly and easily identify areas where your site is vulnerable to security breaches. It will also reveal any areas you'll need to review with our security experts to determine the best course of action to protect your facilities and employees. By electing Quest as your physical security consultant, you gain a client-focused voice you can trust to give you a no-nonsense assessment.

Physical Security Assessment checklist

Beginning with your organizational requirements and the priorities you identify for protection, Quest will:

  • Identify sources of potential threats
  • Inspect your physical location for security vulnerabilities
  • Assess your security system for vulnerabilities that could lead to attacks or hardware failures
  • Identify areas where you can benefit from upgrading your security technologies (or from deploying technologies in areas where you have none)
  • Evaluate your site for equipment needs, additional coverage, wireless, etc.
  • Check for vulnerabilities in your video surveillance
  • Assess your system for potential failures that could bring down your video surveillance capabilities
  • Determine whether you have the appropriate number of cameras as well as effective surveillance coverage

We recommend specific ways to improve your security

Upon completion of a Quest Physical Security Assessment, you'll have a full report and specific recommendations to improve your security posture. Click here to check out the other security vulnerability assessments Quest offers.

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