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Communication is one of the requirements of doing business. Nowhere is that more apparent today than in email – the typical corporate email user sends and receives around 105 messages per day. That's 2,100 messages a month, and 25,200 a year. Multiply that by the number of your company's employees, and that's a lot of free-flowing data to be accountable for.

Considering how much of your company's communication is done via email, you need it to be secure from breaches, impervious to crashes, and monitored by world-class customer support. To avoid missed connections, your employees and clients also expect your correspondence to function flawlessly. However, for many businesses, having a robust email system is considered only after something has gone wrong. No matter the state of your existing email system, Quest can help.

Internal Email Issues

Charging a single IT department with the maintenance of an entire email system can be a risky proposition. Many IT departments are already stretched thin, thanks to constant streams of user requests and standard performance upgrades. Unfortunately, that means few resources are left for business IT priorities – like managed messaging.

Add on to this governmental regulatory requirements for email privacy, archiving, and monitoring, together with the many different platforms employees use to send, receive, and organize emails, and it quickly becomes a tangled picture.

The security, storage, and general responsiveness of a company's email system require attention. Quest can help solve a lot of these problems, and free your IT department to work on other valuable tasks.

Managed Messaging Services with Quest

When it comes to managed messaging, Quest will work with your team to develop customized email solutions for deploying new updates, managing migrations to new platforms, boosting security, enacting effective antivirus protection, mitigating operating costs, and more.

Our SPAM protection, for instance, utilizes some of the industry's most advanced filtering methods to deliver the highest effectiveness and lowest rate of false positives. Our virus protection, meanwhile, combines efficient message handling and robust policy management with the world's leading anti-virus engines. The result is an always-up-to-date anti-virus solution with convenient, centralized administration, high-performance message analysis, and flexible anti-virus policy management.

If you're interested to see your email network perform at full capacity, we can help. Quest will work with you to ensure your business' email system is secure, reliable, and responsive. And if you should encounter any issues, you can breathe easy knowing your system is backed by our award-winning customer support and managed services team.

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