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The speed of business today demands hyper-efficiency in handling time and resources. Nowhere is this more critical than in your IT department. If your company's applications aren't properly maintained and updated, you'll experience lags, network congestion, and outages. These types of problems not only affect your business' overall productivity but its reputation as well. Imagine your network lagging during a vital, deadline-driven presentation, for instance, or your homepage crashing just as a prospective client visits for the first time!

Keeping your applications and networks performing at optimal levels is essential to avoiding these scenarios. For IT departments, one of the main challenges of rolling out companywide application updates is the time and coordination involved. The hours spent monitoring and maintaining your business applications add up, taking focus away from other important areas of your enterprise.

If application performance is critical to your business, Quest's Managed Applications can save your company time, money, and resources.

Challenges of Maintaining Applications

Despite their importance, most IT departments are stretched thin and overwhelmed with a constant barrage of tasks and requests. Keeping a business's network up and running can be a full-time job in itself, and staying current on new application and security updates can fall by the wayside.

Application updates require the budget and time necessary to test and deploy upgrades without disrupting daily activities. This can be an expensive and lengthy process, and when done with haste, the user experience for employees, partners, and customers may suffer.

Benefits of Managed Applications

Managed Applications can save your IT department by removing the headache, stress, and expense. Managed Applications ensure your apps are run at peak performance by monitoring them for efficiency and providing support.

A simple service level agreement (SLA) will help your team and service provider understand what to expect in terms of performance, operational costs, and IT support and allow your IT department the time to tackle other projects.

Choosing a Service Provider

Picking the right service provider to manage your applications is crucial. Since there are opportunities for saving time and resources ─ which can translate into extra revenue ─ you need a partner who will stay committed to your applications in a 24x7 world. You will also want a service provider that meets the unique needs of your company and does so in a way that is simple, organized, and responsive.

Quest's Managed Services can help. We will work with you to keep your applications performing at their highest levels while maintaining cost-effective solutions and support for your team. Our reliable reporting process and application-improvement focus allows your IT department to do what they do best, while leaving the experts to handle the rest.

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