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Most companies delay migrating email accounts for as long as possible, and it's easy to see why. With communication being such a core component to business, the risks can be overwhelming. Email migration is a difficult process full of potential headaches, pitfalls, and security issues.

When you're researching email migration services, you must consider the complexities of the process and whether or not your company's current hardware can facilitate the new system's requirements. There's also the risk of data loss to take into account, as well as the training and support of employees on the new system.

Whatever stage you're currently at in the process, Quest's team of experts can assist. We have successfully fulfilled hundreds of email migration requests for companies of all sizes. Our streamlined email migration solutions are also supported by full training to ensure your whole team is updated on the new system and satisfied with the results.

Hosted Email Options

When you select Quest for your email migration services, you'll also get the opportunity to have our expert team manage your new email system indefinitely. Transitioning to Quest's hosted email solution is a seamless process geared toward making sure you never have to worry about future maintenance and security updates again. We'll have it covered every step of the way.

Our hosted email solutions feature partners like Microsoft Exchange, Lync and SharePoint, and let you discover how agile your business can be. The latest version of Exchange, for instance, is designed specifically for touchscreens, mobile usability, and offline productivity– meaning your employees can be efficient regardless of location or device. Exchange also offers a simplified calendar interface, integration with LinkedIn and Facebook, email extensibility for embedded maps, and a whole lot more.

Lync synchronizes your company's contacts, communication channels, and availability information into a powerful catalyst for productivity, elevating video and desktop sharing capabilities to a whole new level. Meanwhile, SharePoint makes your customers' content easier to share, access, and manage.

Our hosted email solutions also meet the highest of regulatory compliances while providing unlimited storage, advanced threat protection, content filtering, and 24x7x365 support. We also offer additional security measures such as email firewalls, encryption, and continuity for businesses that can't afford to cut corners on protection.

Security and features you can count on

When it comes to security, Quest Virus Protection is an industry-leading solution that keeps your enterprise free from zero-day flash malware, Java malware, phishing, and other threats to the overall security of your enterprise. Our hosted Exchange protection also combines efficient message handling and robust policy management features with the world's leading anti-virus engines. The result is an always-up-to-date anti-virus solution with convenient, centralized administration, high-performance message analysis, and flexible anti-virus policy management.

To filter SPAM, Quest takes a multilayered approach to prevention for maximum effectiveness. This method includes inspecting more than 100,000 attributes of incoming email messages–including sender IP addresses, message envelope headers and structure– to make sure you're only receiving the messages you want.

And, for maximum productivity, check out our Hosted Collaboration Solutions (HCS), which combine email, voice, instant messaging, and video collaboration tools into one cloud-based infrastructure. Our HCS gives you a low-cost, scalable way to gain all the benefits of an integrated communications platform without the steep investment in hardware.

When you partner with Quest for you email migration solutions and hosted email, you're not only transforming the way your company communicates, but you're also making a critical investment in its future. To get started, get in touch.

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