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Replication and online data backup services

60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster

Safeguard your technology investments with Quest data backup solutions

Protect all your business critical data – online data backup services offer the ability to backup data across multiple locations in a safe, secure manner while eliminating labor-intensive manual tasks, as well as the frequent error-prone results associated with traditional tape-based solutions.

With Quest's online data backup solutions, you can be assured of a safe, secure backup that is easily implemented and maintained. And our online backup services requires no special skills or experience on your part. We'll help you get your information off-site without delivery trucks or postage services.

Fast, easy, and reliable offsite data backup services

With Quest's intuitive user interface, you can schedule your data backup recovery to match your requirements. With just a few clicks, your data will be safely and securely stored at one of Quest's global Service Delivery Centers. Our online data backup solutions far exceed old-fashioned tape backup for reliability, speed, and ease of access. What used to take hours to locate and deliver will now be available at your fingertips.

Safe and secure

In part of our offsite data backup services, you'll have the full capabilities of Quest's Service Delivery Centers at your disposal to access local services, as well as global replication for advanced security and safety. Spanning the United States and reaching into both Asia and Europe, Quest's 24x7 Service Delivery Centers provide Quest's many and varied Cloud, Managed Services, and IT operations capabilities.

See our CEO Blog on the importance of an efficient data backup solutions and complete list of data backup best practices a business ought to follow.

Quest's online data backup solutions offer:

  • Cost-effective method of protecting valuable business data
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Encrypted, safe, and secure data transfer
  • Eliminate storage and transport of bulky data tapes
  • Compliance with federal regulations

All too often, the first time an organization tests the reliability of their backup is after data loss. With Quest, you will decrease online data backup recovery times by 90% and decrease total storage up to 98%. Reduce or eliminate the need for local tape infrastructure and enable cost-effective online retention and replication. Get started with Quest online data backup services and replications services today.

Online Data Back Up

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