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Managed Security and IT support services: real-time security intelligence, monitoring, and reporting

Your network is changing. Cloud and virtual computing, mobility, video, VoIP, and more are converging to create networks and WANs that are more complex and diverse than ever. But you can’t put off business decisions until data can be gathered. You need real-time network and security reporting to make decisions that keep up with the speed of business today.

Our managed IT services includes a range of offerings such as:

Companies serious about performance and accountability, choose Quest

Quest provides you with custom security and IT support services for the complete protection of your networks, servers, databases, and applications. Determined hackers can penetrate even the best firewalls. To fully contend with the broad range of threats, most security experts agree that organizations need to adopt a multi-layered defense strategy. By mixing different technologies including policies and procedures, firewalls, IDS, monitoring, reporting, and forensics, you build a potent, in-depth defense against intruders.

Key features of Managed Security:

  • Enterprise Management, Performance & Health Management
  • Security Monitoring & Management
  • Email Threat Management
  • Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Restoral Management & Backups
  • Security Policy/Audit/Implementation
  • On-site or Remote Network Health Monitoring
  • Support & Maintenance Management
  • Configuration, Patch, and Vulnerability Testing & Management

Key benefits of Managed Security Services:

  • Fully monitored SIEM and log management analytics
  • Fast search capabilities
  • Simple report creation
  • Real-time reporting and historical data form a comprehensive picture of your security posture
  • Policy-driven, secure, and compliant IT support

Quest IT services and support

No matter the industry, we understand that you want to concentrate on core business activities rather than be mired in the details of IT management. With Quest’s Managed Services, you choose the degree of control over your IT services. We become part of your team, helping to formulate an overall management environment that can cover your server, network, data storage system, planning, and testing. By working together, Quest gives you the expertise you need without increasing your staff or acquiring expensive technology. We’ll help you manage your IT so you can focus on growing your business.