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The role of IT in healthcare is changing so fast that it's almost impossible to keep up without expert healthcare IT consulting

Make easy work of understanding your technology needs and which healthcare IT solutions will most effectively fulfill them – with Quest's help.

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Representing the best in current and emerging technologies, we can deliver the powerful capabilities you require with our cloud and managed services, professional healthcare IT consulting and design services, and in-house solutions so you can meet today's and tomorrow's healthcare mandates.

Quest Healthcare IT Consulting

Need to secure your technology infrastructure? Protect your data? Back it up in real time to a safe location? Worried about business continuity and disaster recovery?

Healthcare IT consulting by Quest can help you create effective plans so your organization is ready for anything man or nature may throw at you. We offer a variety of healthcare software solutions that will empower you to operate with peace of mind.

Accomplish the data analysis so necessary to improving patient care. Build the integrated services that leverage key patient-centered capabilities across departments and enable interoperability of multiple applications and systems among providers, health plans, and other stakeholders. Make sure you're ready for the revolutions in mobility and telemedicine that promise to reshape our healthcare horizons.

Quest's healthcare IT solutions can help you do it all simply and affordably.

  • Security and Data Protection
    Accomplish the risk assessments you need and deploy the capabilities necessary to protect confidential data, both in transit and in storage, with Quest's Managed Security services.
  • Data Backup/Replication
    Affordably back up your applications and fast-growing volumes of patient data almost as fast as it's created or modified using Quest's cloud-based real-time backup/replication services. We can integrate real-time data replication, secure data storage, and quick-restore capabilities that cost 50%-to-60% less than most older alternatives.
  • Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery
    Ensure the availability and resilience of your systems, networks, patient data, and clinical applications with Quest's customizable business continuity/disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Cloud Computing in Healthcare
    Get the secure, leading-edge computing resources you need to integrate applications and analyze fast-growing volumes of patient data – without the time and risk of failure that inhibits so many in-house data centers – via Quest's leading-edge cloud/managed services infrastructure, available via a coast-to-coast network of 24x7 Service Delivery Centers.
  • Mobility
    Manage the growing population of wireless devices used by healthcare professionals with Quest's mobile device management services, and keep the data these devices carry safe from theft or compromise with our data loss prevention solutions.
  • Telemedicine
    Make telemedicine easy and affordable to deploy – even for small practices – by taking advantage of Quest's Cloud HD Videoconferencing capabilities.