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Using the Internet Protocol for voice communication is just the beginning. VoIP can be integrated with email, data, mobility, and even video capabilities to create a unified communications environment that can reduce costs even more and boost productivity in entirely new ways. Sage Research has documented how unified IP-based communications can make a difference:

  • ‘Presence’ technology (which can locate and identify a computing device wherever it may be) enabled employees to reach each other on the first try, saving a daily average of 32 minutes per employee.
  • ‘Softphones’ — software for making phone calls using an Internet-connected computer — saved an average of $1,727 per month in cellphone and long distance charges. Softphones saved mobile workers 40 minutes a day and generated annual productivity gains that added up to 3.5 days per worker per year.
  • Unified messaging saved office-bound employees 43 minutes per day from more efficient message management. Mobile workers saved 55 minutes per day.
  • Internet-based meetings conducted via VoIP and Web conferencing technologies dropped conferencing costs by 30 percent and saved an average of $1,700 per month in travel expenses. And yes, all these capabilities are available as hosted services.

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