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Quest's Professional Firewall Review

Most companies use firewalls on their networks to protect against attacks. So why do we still see headlines about security breaches and break-ins? Because cyber criminals keep getting smarter at creating malicious tools and techniques on a daily basis. It's up to you to ensure they don't gain access to your network, steal your data, deface your company's Internet presence or disrupt your enterprise's operations.

What's a Firewall Review?

As firewall configurations evolve, adding new business services or adapting to new security measures, they can open new vulnerabilities without your realizing it. It's not necessarily your team's fault, but more a symptom of how quickly attacks from hackers accelerate and morph.

Quest's Firewall Review determines how secure your configurations are by performing an in-depth analysis of your firewall, looking for points of weakness that could be exploited, or any tune-ups needed. Your firewall's security will be evaluated against a number of factors, including susceptibility to a variety of attacks and any administrative misalignments considered to be risky to your overall defense. Our Firewall Review is compatible with all major firewalls, switches, and routers, and covers compliance with regulatory standards like PCI and HIPAA.

Why a Firewall Review?

With constant changes to your network and the necessity for reliable communications via the Internet, your firewall is a critical component to maintaining security. Quest's Firewall Review provides an expert analysis of your unique situation and reports any open concerns, threats and/or vulnerabilities in your current configurations.

How does the Firewall Review work?

Quest's Security experts will work with you and your team to review your firewall and provide recommendations. The review process will be performed remotely through secure communications.

What can a Firewall Review do for your business?

Complete confidence in your network security is crucial, and a Firewall Review from Quest will give you just that. Our independent analysis will highlight the configurations to be corrected, updated, or patched to ensure full compliance with regulatory standards.

Firewall Review & Security Assessment by Quest

Our Professional Firewall Review includes:

  • Threat reports and analysis
  • Alerts to various vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses
  • Expert recommendations and honest feedback on how to fortify your network

Add to your security toolkit

Quest understands your various technology challenges and offers customized assistance with your IT policies and audit programs. Our services can provide relevant guidance and information to properly develop your security requirements and the policies to enforce them.

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