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What is fiber optic splicing?

Fiber splicing, also known as fiber optic fusion splicing, is a multi-step process of melding optical fibers together with localized heat. First, each fiber end is prepared for fusion by stripping the fibers' protective polymer coating, either chemically or mechanically. The bare fibers are then cleaned and cleaved. The cleaving procedure is critical for a successful splice and requires the use of microscopes to ensure a perfectly flat, 90-degree cut of both fiber end faces. Finally, the fibers are aligned and fused together by applying concentrated heat from one of a variety of sources. Ideally, the new, conjoined fiber will undergo several rounds of testing before receiving its protective covering and being laid out.

What is fiber optic mechanical splicing?

Fiber optic mechanical splicing follows a similar procedure to traditional splicing, with essentially identical results. The singular difference lies in the actual fusing of fibers; in mechanical splicing, the cleaved fiber ends are aligned and secured to one other by a specialized connector apparatus holding both fibers in place so that light may flow freely between them. A mechanical splice is advantageous in those junctures where a connect/disconnect capability is required.

Fiber optic splicing is a science

Improperly-cut fibers account for a large percentage of the data loss experienced on poorly-constructed fiber optic networks. In fact, splice loss is a measurable, direct function of the angles at which fiber end faces are cleaved. Therefore, both fiber optic fusion splicing and fiber optic mechanical splicing require the competencies of technical and infrastructure experts like those at Quest to be executed correctly. Quest staff is adept in:

  • Design, splice, and installation
  • Testing and certification
  • Network auditing
  • Emergency restoration and repair

Meet bandwidth demands with Quest

The benefits of a fiber optic network are many, but are dependent on proper splicing techniques. You can count on our experienced professionals to manage your fiber splicing project from start to finish. Whether you're considering adding a fiber optic network, or moving and changing your existing network, Quest will control the environmental variables – wind, dust, dirt, and moisture – that can get in the way of a successful splice. Our technicians are trained in the latest fiber splicing technologies and use leading-edge fiber splicing equipment, so you can be sure of the quality of your fiber optic cables.

Let Quest's experience work for you; with over 30 years in business, Quest is your go-to fiber splicing professional. Quest can help accelerate your internet and the pace of your business. Embrace the future with modern fiber optics and move your company forward.

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