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What is fiber optic internet?

Fiber optic internet is simply communication through light – electric signals are converted into pulses of light relaying information through specialized fiber optic cables made from silica glass or plastic. In practical terms, this means quick internet speeds for even the most bandwidth-heavy applications, at virtually any distance.

The advantages of fiber optic internet providers are many, especially in comparison to traditional electric, copper-cable internet suppliers. Fiber optic internet services are superior for a number of reasons:

Fiber Optic Internet Providers - Quest
  • Exceptionally low data loss/degradation
  • Immunity to ground currents, parasitic power sources, and electromagnetic interference
  • Inherently high data transfer capacity
  • Virtually no crosstalk with utility and power lines
  • Highly secure and difficult to tap without disrupting the signal
  • Physically lighter and more resistant to corrosion than traditional copper cables

Fiber optic internet is here to stay

Fiber optic internet, though not a new technology, is quickly becoming the standard for fast and reliable internet. Between 2012 and 2013, subscriptions to fiber optic broadband in the United States grew 13.9%, a significant double-digit increase in a DSL-saturated industry. As the costs of installation and operation continue to drop, fiber optic internet services are making traditional telecommunication channels obsolete.

Some may challenge the necessity of fiber optic super-speeds, claiming their existing internet is sufficient for their business needs. This kind of reasoning is near-sighted, however, and does not anticipate technological changes and trends on a larger, long-term scale; new applications and computing uses steadily consume more and more existing data capacities, with no indication of a reverse trend. For example, higher-resolution 4K video is set to be “the next big thing” in video technologies, with a corresponding need for more bandwidth. Similarly, increasing connectivity between devices places greater demands on ISPs – except fiber optic internet providers, of course.

Every year, the debut of new technologies is accompanied by a need for greater data capacities to run those technologies. To deny modern technological innovations because of insufficient internet horsepower is to become out-of-date and, eventually, obsolete. Fortunately, fiber optic internet is a timely and forward-looking solution.

Let Quest help

With Quest as your dedicated fiber optic internet provider, you will enjoy a flexible, long-term network solution capable of growing along with your business. Our fiber optic internet services can be modified to accommodate your changing business needs and scaled to the speed and size you require at a competitive rate. Best of all, you will be ensuring your business's technological integrity for years to come.