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Don’t wait until something happens to realize you don’t know what to do

Your data may be fully backed up, your computer systems’ disaster recovery plan might be in place, and your security practices may be up-to-snuff, but if your business continuity plan isn’t soundly defined, your organization and its stakeholders could be feeling less than confident.

Even healthy and successful organizations aren’t immune to economic ups and downs, scandals made public, or unplanned events impacting the health of business operations.

How do you secure your single points of failure, keep your employees up-to-speed, and communicate pertinent updates with stakeholders and the media?

Your business continuity plan augments your disaster recovery and risk management efforts; it focuses on the people, the policies, and the procedures to ensure reduced response time, an engaged and well-practiced recovery team, and an unscathed reputation.

Stakeholders want to know how prepared you are for a disaster. Swiftly and accurately reporting what went well and what needs improving adds visibility to your business continuity plan and lends credibility to your organization as a whole.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, working with existing policies and procedures, or looking to update your current plan, Quest can help manage your business continuity plan. During a Business Continuity Workshop, Quest’s risk management experts will work with you to identify potential threats, pinpoint any single points of failure, and provide recommendations on how to mitigate negative impacts and return to normalcy if and when a disaster occurs.

Keep your company – its stakeholders, reputation, and integrity – as strong as possible

Quest’s Business Continuity Workshop reviews:

  • Starting or enhancing your plan
  • Forming nimble recovery teams
  • Alerting key stakeholder groups
  • Key business processes
  • Existing emergency procedures
  • Employee displacement
  • Plan maintenance and testing
  • Creating an effective command center

If it’s been more than a year since the last update to your business continuity plan, or if you are relying on fragments of a policy to get you through a crisis, or if you’re trying to build one for the first time, then consider a workshop with Quest to help you manage your business continuity plan.

Create your …plan of reaction‧ before you’ll need it

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