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Virtualization moves your desktops to the Cloud

Tired of the rising costs of deploying desktops? Why not eliminate the hassles of virtualized computing and move to the Cloud? Quest's Desktops as a Service (DaaS) allows enterprises to rapidly deploy desktops on virtually any device - all with the software, storage, and access they specify.

Into the cloud

Quest's Desktops as a Service (DaaS) solution brings you the benefits of virtual desktops – simplified deployment, improved data security, and centralized management – without the exorbitant capital costs and unending management hassles. Quest Cloud-hosted desktops can deliver savings upwards of 36% over average physical desktop PCs. The ability to offload endpoint costs or extend the lifecycle of an existing PC can deliver significant savings of up to $258 per year per desktop.

Deploy desktops on-demand

Quest DaaS is a pay-as-you-go Cloud subscription service that requires no capital investment and leverages carrier-class scale and geographic coverage that's not available to most organizations. You can custom-configure Quest DaaS to meet your end-users' performance requirements, specifying OS, RAM, CPU, disk space, and more according to particular end-users' needs. Once you're a Quest customer, your Cloud-hosted desktops can be deployed in a matter of hours, not months, with substantially reduced complexity and risk.

Flexibility with DaaS

Quest can make DaaS work for your business in several ways. Run DaaS at our secure, reliable Cloud data centers on either dedicated or shared servers – or at your site. Or Quest can create a hybrid combination of both.

Why virtual desktops?

Desktops in the Cloud bring a number of advantages:

  • Eliminate existing desktop management problems
  • Rapid, cost-effective, drop-in solution for moving away from Windows XP
  • Meet employee demands for working non-standard devices (tablets, phones, etc.)
  • Accommodate shrinking IT budgets
  • Put security and compliance concerns to bed
  • No infrastructure to manage
  • Access from anywhere on any device
  • Lower cost model
  • Deploy in minutes

Key capabilities

Seamless access from any device. Desktop images can be accessed anytime, anywhere from iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch, Android-based tablets and smartphones, thin clients, and legacy PCs Desktop images can be deployed on-demand in minutes so end-users can stop working in one location or on one device and use another device (including those they own themselves) at a different location to pick up right where they left off. All the data and apps on each employee desktop remain secure because all desktop images continue to reside in Quest's highly secure Cloud. So if a notebook or tablet is lost or stolen, it can be wiped and that end-user's desktop image can be placed on another device.

While one of the main motivators for switching to desktops as a service (DaaS) is security, you'll find that the ease of use for everyone – IT staff, management, and individual employees – is a huge payoff. By switching to desktops in the cloud you can eliminate the need for in-house servers. That makes your IT department cheaper, more secure, and less prone to failure. With desktop as a service, you also eliminate the need for managing software or hardware updates yourself.

Staff love desktops in the cloud because it allows them to access their work desktop from anywhere: on their mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Whether you use virtual desktops to enable remote working, or simply as a tool to keep your employees connected at all times, the result is increased accessibility at a reduced cost.

The Quest Difference

Quest is a leader in DaaS. We adopted cloud desktops early on and now have a large customer base successfully using virtual desktops for their entire business. As a DaaS provider, Quest has helped our clients' businesses grow.

Got DaaS?

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