Cloud Computing Disaster Recovery

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Your data is at risk

It's as much at risk from carelessness as it is from catastrophic events. And 60% of companies that lose their data in a catastrophic event will shut down within six months. The careful consideration you give to contingency planning right now may mean the difference between your business's success or failure.


A laptop is left at the airport containing vital information or customers' confidential data. One of your employees brings in a thumb drive - not realizing it has a trojan which installs on your network. An equipment failure takes down a key database - and the last backup you have is five days old.

Ensure the future of your business

Quest can help. From security analysis to online data backup to a complete business continuity plan, we can help you achieve your data security goals.

Over 25 years of security expertise and data protection

Our data protection services include:

  • Encryption
  • Automatic elimination of data on stolen or lost equipment
  • Remote data destruction
  • On Demand Vulnerability
  • Assessment reporting
  • Data Security Assessments
  • Online Backup or Replication

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