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Is your current Backup and Data Recovery Solution right for you?

Quest's experts are familiar with many effective and efficient technologies and capabilities, including: replication, information availability, data recovery services, and archiving. Quest can help identify which ones are best for your unique business needs through a Backup and Data Recovery Review.

Quest's Backup and Data Recovery Review entails data gathering from the following areas:

  • Backup servers
  • Backup clients
  • Backup client applications
  • Backup media
  • Backup contracts

The goal of the Review is to uncover any knowledge or technical gaps, and provide recommendations on how to best backup and recover your data when needed. Businesses operating under the assumption that their data doesn't need to be backed up, and that they don't have enough data to necessitate a review, should first take stock of the cost of losing all their information: emails, spreadsheets, databases, business apps, etc. Gauge the cost of total data loss, plus the ensuing fallout from customers and clients, against the current recovery options you may have in place.

Whether it's because of hardware failure, malware, natural disasters or just human error, you never know when a data loss will strike. And for most businesses in these types of scenarios, relying on a flash drive crammed with all your most sensitive information just won't cut it.

Quest offers fast, easy solutions for accessing your mission and business-critical data, which can save entire operation if an event occurs. We'll work alongside you to determine what types of enterprise data are most critical to back up and when. We'll also help figure out your recovery requirements, as well as the types of data that will need to be restored first in an emergency situation: apps, payroll, email, etc.

You can also trust Quest to encrypt your data during the archival transmission process to and from storage, so you can rest easy knowing it won't be exposed to any vulnerabilities along the way. Plus, Quest will work diligently so that your organization's backup and recovery strategies meet all applicable governmental and industry compliance rules.

Quest provides offsite backup storage

As long as you're in business, your data is growing. How do you manage the growth? Traditional backup and data recovery services grow exponentially and the costs of media can outweigh the worth of the data. Quest can help. Quest's High Availability Business Center offers target and source backup replication and storage. Schedule a Quest Backup and Data Recovery Review and our experts will identify the best data recovery services for your business' unique needs.

Are you interested in learning more about Quest's Backup and Data Recovery Review? Located in Sacramento, California, Quest offers the best in backup and data recovery services to customers anywhere in the country and around the world. Complete the form below or contact Quest at 800.326.4220