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When disaster strikes, survival depends on preparedness

Most American businesses are not prepared; although they have a strategy for data recovery, many companies fail to consider where their employees will be working after a disaster. A critical component of business continuity planning includes moving staff to a safe place where they can access company data and resume operations.

Gartner research indicates that most companies can endure disruptions that last no more than seven days. It is recommended that organizations adopt disaster recovery and business continuity plans capable of sustaining them for at least one month post-disaster.

Quest's Business Resumption Center is your disaster recovery center

After a disaster, companies must seek immediate, temporary office space and equipment, make arrangements for supplies and deliveries, have telephone lines transferred, etc. Quest's 24x7 Business Resumption Center (BRC) at McClellan Park, one of more than two dozen data centers and Service Delivery Centers,is strategically located in one of the most seismically stable and secure locations in California - above the flood plain, clear of mudslides and forest fires, and far enough inland that hurricanes and typhoons are a statistical near-impossibility. The Business Resumption Center is a short drive from any major metropolitan area in Northern California. Quest's BRC offers a host of additional features, making for the ultimate business continuity management package:

Sacramento Data Center Services by Quest
  • Multiple backbone providers
  • Redundant communication pathways
  • One of the most advanced fiber optic cable infrastructures in California
  • Two power stations (most data centers have only one)
  • Fire suppression
  • Redundant electric power grids
  • Redundant UPS system
  • Diesel generator backup for UPS system
  • Auxiliary power: four 850 kVA generators
  • IP video surveillance and recording throughout the facility and surrounding area
  • Keycard entrance to data, command, and control centers
  • Biometric hand scanner
  • Fully locked cabinets
  • Video surveillance and recording 24x7
  • Approximately 35 days of storage

Customizable office space

Quest's state-of-the-art facilities are housed in buildings made of fully reinforced concrete – shell, roof, and floor. The structures are rock-solid but the internal offices are fully adjustable. Quest can customize suites to meet specific needs while ensuring savings on capital expenditures. From basic workstations including computer terminals, phones, and call center services, to fully appointed command and control centers with adjacent data cells and robust network equipment, Quest can design and install virtually any configuration of desks, cabinets, power servers, etc. as part of your business continuity management strategy.

The ultimate in business continuity planning

Located in a self-contained facility, Quest's Business Resumption Center offers the broadest conveniences available in business continuity planning:

  • Proximity to areas catering to technology, manufacturing, and distribution such as the San Francisco Bay Area, Central Valley, and Pacific Rim
  • An 11,000 foot military-grade airfield available to large and small charter planes, corporate jets, and helicopters provides clients with “front door access” to Quest's BRC
  • Existing infrastructure includes banks, fire station, gas station, first-class day care facility, post office, restaurants, health club, and hotel with 30,000 sq. ft. of conference space
  • Easy freeway access with four freeway interchanges, multiple entrances, and only 15 minutes from Sacramento International Airport
  • Union Pacific Rail directly serves the industrial district within the park with a major freight facility located in nearby Roseville
  • The Port of Sacramento provides a deep water shipping channel with direct access to the Pacific Rim
  • Transportation directly to the park provided through Regional Transit bus service and linked with Sacramento Light Rail

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