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Safeguard your technology investments with Quest Contract Management Solutions

Give your business the utmost protection available with ongoing maintenance contract management for your hardware and software service contracts.

Consider all the people employed by your organization and the computers they use for work. Now add your enterprise equipment like servers, routers, printers, scanners, wired and wireless phone systems, and installed desktop software and proprietary applications. How is all this inventory catalogued and managed? Beyond standard manufacturers' warranties and service agreements, does your organization have the appropriate levels of protection for everything you own and lease?

Quest Contract Management Services

Contracts are at the heart of business transactions. Many enterprises try their own contract management solutions, but with all the daily demands of an industry, this can lead to a lot of oversight and create unnecessary business risk

Improperly maintained hardware and software contracts can waste time, money, and resources. The consequences can vary from mild administrative aggravation to expensive liability failure. Sometimes it makes the most sense to have an outside party ensure proper contract management and fulfillment across your entire organization.

Quest's contract management services can revolutionize your enterprise's hardware and software operations, giving you a tighter grasp on control and governance, while making certain all parties are upholding their obligations. Our services can oversee all facets of IT contracts for your business, unifying processes and offering support that's both agile and customizable.

In a recent survey of North American corporations, hardware and software failure was the number one cause of business IT unavailability. Are you protected?

Contract Management Services built for your business

You know your business best, which is why our team begins by getting to know your needs and processes. This enables us to build a customized, comprehensive contract management plan for your company focusing on the essentials, and accounting for your unique situation.

Quest can audit and analyze your current inventory of contracts, and develop a new maintenance plan that can potentially save your business money and resources over time, while gradually reducing risk.

For instance, no matter where you purchased your original hardware, software, or equipment, you'll find that Quest can secure the warranties, extended service agreements, software upgrade protections, and premium support you require.

Ongoing contract management

Contract Management Services & Solutions by Quest

Ongoing contract management services assure you the levels of protection you need now and in the future. Whether you require regular equipment adds, moves and changes, or front-line advocacy with manufacturers, we partner with you to maintain contract accuracy and service levels.

You'll find Quest's experts to be versatile and responsive to any issues that may arise, and capable of supporting whatever contract management services that you need.

If you have questions, concerns, or simply want to discuss different aspects of your service, our team is available to assist. Learn more about the right levels of contract maintenance for your business.

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