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3 Ways to Keep Up on the Road Ahead

Fifty years after the creation of the internet and 20 years into the 21st century, IT is changing fast — perhaps faster than ever before.

Tim Burke

What to include in your SLAs

A service level agreement (SLA) is a binding legal document that can help your organization if it’s done right and harm your organization if it’s done wrong. Trust me, it’s worth your time to pay close attention to what your SLAs contain.

Tim Burke

Service level agreements: painful but necessary

It’s true: information technology service level agreements (SLAs) are boring to read and may make your eyes cross as you try to drill into their miniscule details. They are also a crucial part of the contracts you have with your technology service providers.

Tim Burke

Why it’s worth getting help for your help desk

As your IT infrastructure becomes increasingly complex, the help desk team you need to ensure your employees get timely, efficient technical support grows more critical — and tougher than ever to maintain as an in-house effort.

You’re not alone. Many enterprises now turn to third-party help desk providers.

Four help desk service provider payoffs

With the right help desk services provider, you’ll reduce both your IT operations costs and your hassle quotient. Here’s why

Tim Burke

The wicked complexity of technical IT support

If life — or your IT infrastructure and the people who use it — were perfect, you’d never need to worry about technical support.

Of course, life and IT infrastructures are far from perfect. But life goes on, and you have to make sure your infrastructure does, too.

Tim Burke

Automating cybersecurity incident response

Let’s face it: cybersecurity incident response needs all the help it can get.

One study found that 44% of those queried suffered at least twice at the hands of the same attacker, and 77% of those sufferers noted that the attacker had returned with the same or similar tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Tim Burke

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