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In the clouds: SD-WAN services the way you want them

Swapping a traditional wide-area network (WAN) for a new kind of branch and remote-location network connectivity — software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) — reduces operational costs and improves resource usage as well as security.

In my last post, I described why this is true and enumerated several SD-WAN approaches, including appliances, software licensing, SD-WAN as a service, and SD-WAN managed services.

But which sort of SD-WAN capability is right for you? Approaches break down into two types: do it yourself or turn to some sort of SD-WAN service.

Tim Burke

The cloudy reasons why SD-WAN is in your future

Does your organization operate from more than one location? Do the people at your “other” sites complain about uneven application performance while your IT staff struggles with network management hassles and an uptick in cyberthreats?

Perhaps it’s time you revisit the traditional wide-area network (WAN) and dedicated multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) circuits you’ve been using to connect your remote sites to your data center and/or the cloud services you’ve deployed

Tim Burke

Five key cybersecurity capabilities you’ll need in 2019

As I mentioned in my last post, effective cybersecurity is a cost of doing business — and staying current with cybersecurity requirements has never been more important.

Cyberthreats are evolving fast — as are the technologies that counter these threats and the regulatory environment that protects individual personal data and privacy.

Tim Burke

Cybersecurity in 2019:
Not in Kansas anymore

Do you get the uneasy feeling that your company’s cybersecurity risks have increased over the last year? If so, you’re right.

Not only are cyberattack volume and sophistication increasing, attack surfaces — what’s being attacked, how, and why — are also growing. Dramatically.

Tim Burke

What your technical on-call support service should offer

In my last post, I reviewed why you need technical expertise available on-call 24 x 7 x 365. Now I offer three steps that will take you to the technical expertise you need to keep your IT environment humming so you can focus on your business.

Tim Burke

Why your IT infrastructure needs technical on-call support services

Those inevitable evolutions in technology that your business must embrace to stay competitive tend to involve integrations of old and new systems, software, functions, and processes.

These integrations often turn out to be arcane and complex, which means you require long-term as well as short-term technical expertise that your staff can access anytime — technical expertise from people familiar with your IT setup and who are, essentially, on call.

Tim Burke

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