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Data Loss Avoidance with Quest BaaS using Veeam Cloud Connect

Customers with on-premises Veeam deployments can extend their availability strategy to the cloud. By sending backups to Quest cloud, customers can avoid the cost and complexity of building and maintaining an offsite infrastructure for backups.

    Why Quest?

    • 20+ years BaaS experience
    • Secure global Service Delivery Centers
    • Choose where to back up data to align with your business needs and budget
    • Client driven consulting and workshops


    • Hosted offsite backups
    • Dedicated cloud repository
    • Complete visibility and control
    • Modern backup architecture
    • End-to-end encryption

    Easy as...

      Add Quest as Service Provider

      Point backup job to your cloud repository

      Browse and restore from your backups

Complimentary Offer: Quest's Disaster Recovery Workshop, our experts we'll assess how prepared you are for unforeseen disruptions and provide recommendations to strengthen your plan.

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