Quest’s Network Health and Infrastructure Check Provides:


Non-Invasive Data Collection

Ensure your technology platform is optimized while simply going about your business. Quest begins by installing our cloud-based virtual appliance on your network, where it will engage for one week in a reiterating multi-step process that includes discovery, inventory, asset review, active testing deployment, performance collection, and review. Each step involves discrete tasks and analytics checks, affording you valuable technology performance metrics.


Practical Data and Documentation

When the data collection and assessment process is complete, we’ll produce a report detailing how you can improve your technology performance. We’ll review the report and lay out a recommended best course of action so your network meets your business requirements as cost-effectively as possible. Key assessment results include, but are not limited to:

  • Inventory of your network’s components
  • Tech performance metrics - and how these stack up against thousands of other organizations
  • TrafficSim: VoIP, HD video, and VDI traffic testing - so you have solid baseline metrics for how your network handles these types of traffic
  • Cloudscape - to plan your move to the cloud/IaaS


Considerations for the Future

Quest’s Network Health and Infrastructure Check helps you prepare for change by identifying performance bottlenecks, rightsizing your environment, estimating software/device end-of-service/life, and evaluating your readiness to deploy advanced applications. By highlighting areas of concern within your environment and their possible causes, our comprehensive assessment provides you the visibility you need to meet ever-expanding, always-shifting business demands.

Request Your Workshop




What works for you and your team? Depending on your availability and requirements, we can conduct this Check as soon as possible.


The assessment is conducted remotely through Quest’s cloud-based assessment appliance.

Recommended Attendee Titles

If you are not the business owner and/or key decision maker, please ensure they are present for the report review; business operations/decisions are directly tied to technology requirements for most organizations. We recommend having these key team members present:

CIO     CTO     IT Management


Preferred Documentation to Review

We recommend having the following items ready for the Check, if possible:

SNMP Enabled     Subnet Range to be Scanned

Timeline at a Glance
Pre-Assessment: Scheduling kickoff call, establishing priorities
Kickoff Call
: Introductions, agenda, expectations
Install Meeting: Cloud-based appliance installed
Final Review: Quest provides Executive Summary including recommendations and action Items