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Are the Applications you use Endangering Your Business?

Find out with a Web Application Security Scan

The applications you are using could be a time-bomb poised to destroy your business. The vast majority of applications used in business today are connected to the Internet in a variety of ways. Some business applications run in the Cloud uploading and storing data on an ongoing basis. Others use the Internet in limited ways – some only connect to the Internet to supply registration information or to allow for troubleshooting and updates. But here’s the problem – any time there’s a hook into the Internet, there’s an opportunity for hackers to take advantage of that hook and compromise your data. And the dynamic nature of web applications increases the volume of security threats and creates new challenges for security and compliance management.


  • Crawls and indexes site like a search engine
  • Performs additional discovery on the site (extraneous content, known vulnerabilities, etc.)
  • Wide variety of testing – known vulnerabilities, protocol, malformed packets, known framework issues, injection testing
  • Parses out input fields for injection testing
  • Tests the software from the hackers point of view
  • Automates the actions of ethical hacking
  • Finds the bugs efficiently and effectively

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