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Helping your clients close the IT talent gap

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If you have a sense that your clients’ struggles with the IT talent gap have intensified lately, you’re on to something. Among North American IT decision-makers, 75% say they face a skills shortage, and few expect it to ease over the next two years.

How the IT talent gap hurts

Not all IT talent gaps are created equal. Cybersecurity and cloud computing skills are most in demand and there’s little relief in sight. By 2022, the cybersecurity workforce gap will stand at 1.8 million. Lack of IT talent also plagues cloud computing, big data, analytics, and information management.

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4 best practices that help your clients find the right IT talent

 IT Talente by Quest

Today’s quickly evolving IT skillsets – software/web development, data analysis, IT security, IoT, etc. – can be hard to come by. More than 60% of IT execs say they face challenges attracting appropriately trained and experienced IT professionals. Nearly a quarter seek the skills necessary to upgrade existing systems, while 22% need expertise in keeping systems and data secure.

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