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Helping clients customize their IT services SLAs begins with this two-step

 IT Talente by Quest

With help from the right IT services provider partner, you can assist your clients in crafting a customized service level agreement to ensure solid IT services performance and availability – even for your clients’ hyperscale public cloud services.

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Quest’s Global Network of Service Delivery Centers are Ready Right Now to Meet Your Clients’ Needs

Map of Quest's global network of Service Delivery Centers
When it comes to choosing a partner to help you meet changing client demands, you face some tough decisions. As I see it, you need three things to make a successful partnership:
  1. A partner who’s willing to share — i.e., when you make a sale, you get a piece of the proceeds, including a portion of ongoing revenue from Cloud service subscriptions.
  2. A partner with the right offerings — i.e., a solid bench of Cloud and other technology solutions that truly address your clients’ requirements.
  3. A partner who fields sufficient resources to reliably deliver what you’ve promised your clients — i.e., not merely strong technical experience/expertise but also a network of leading edge data centers specifically designed with the virtualization, automated management, and security capabilities.
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