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Accelerating the technology solution conversation

Blank word balloonsSelling technology solutions means your outcomes will be more complex and will require greater technical reach and expertise. Your focus shifts from dangling the lowest commodity prices before an ever-churning customer base to providing technology that’s so effective at improving business processes and solving business problems that your customers turn to you again and again. This brings you into deeper, longer-term relationships with your customers. And the customers you engage will typically be key decision-makers, such as CFOs and CEOs. In a setting like this, you often need what I call conversation accelerators. In our long experience at Quest, we find that little accelerates a solution conversation as well as free assessments and reviews conducted either remotely or at the customer’s site by technical experts using leading-edge tools. Free assessments and reviews show the customer the state of their IT — and greatly empower your ability to sell solutions. At Quest, we offer 12 assessments and reviews that are also available to our partners.