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A look at shifting cloud services and how to help your clients adapt: 4 best practices

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Cloud services are changing in ways your clients need to understand.

First of all, there are more of them than ever before:


And cloud services are attracting more workloads than ever before:

Where cloud services are heading

Among important developments:

Four cloud best practices for 2018

You can help your clients adapt to and benefit from this quickly evolving cloud services world with these four best practices:

  1. Paying attention to cloud performance and management

  2. Adapting data management practices

    • Adjust data governance policies and data standards to apply to all datasets wherever they may be.
    • Make sure data integration toolsets support popular cloud-based application/platform protocols, interfaces, and multiple metadata types.
    • Deploy cloud-optimized data management infrastructures before migrating to the clouds.
  3. Taking cloud security seriously

    Cloud providers are responsible for some – but not all – cloud security. Here, for instance, is how public cloud vendor Microsoft sees it:

    To help clients keep up their end…

    • Understand providers’ cloud security measures and ensure they carry the certifications required for regulatory compliance.
    • Enforce cloud security policies – preferably via automated solutions.
    • Deploy cloud-capable identity/access management that defines and enforces policies.
    • Secure endpoints and use cloud-capable intrusion detection/prevention. Encrypt all data all the time.
    • Encrypt all data all the time.
    • Continuously train staff, especially regarding social engineering and shadow IT.
    • Conduct regular audits and penetration testing.
  4. Finding a trusted cloud technology partner

    Unless your clients’ IT staffs have this sort of reach, they’ll need help from a cloud technology consultant both you and they can trust.