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What one customer says about the virtues of server virtualization

There are times when it’s best to just let someone else do the talking:

“Quest was instrumental in helping us move to a virtualized environment,” says Bob Fuller of Navellier & Associates, a Reno, NV-based financial investment company.

To date, the firm uses 28 fewer servers than before.

“We told Quest what we needed and they helped us every step of the way, from design to providing the hardware and engineering expertise and completing the migration. Quest was the key to our success.”

“Every twenty-four hours, our virtual servers get replicated to mass storage devices at Quest’s Network Operations Center. Without virtualization, we’d have to rent space for three racks of servers, install those, and somehow replicate the information and data every day. That would be a pretty pricey thing to do.”

Plus Navellier can continue to service customers during a disaster.

“In the event of a total service outage, Navellier could lose $20,000 every thirty minutes — a number that would skyrocket if we were unable to perform an important trade,” says Bob. “But thanks to the way Navellier’s backup is designed, it’s not a big deal to get our systems turned on and working at Quest’s Network Operations Center.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks, Bob.

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