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Trick or treat — or paradigm shift? What do you want to accomplish on your way to the cloud?

Anybody seeking to overcome the limits of traditional IT environments and streamline their business has to consider one of the most significant paradigm shifts of our time — cloud computing.

But take note: Cloud computing takes planning, because each move to the cloud is unique.

To figure out whether cloud computing will deliver what you need, ask yourself, “What do I want to accomplish?”

This question will take you right to several drilldown questions. Answering them will tell you whether cloud computing can provide an effective solution, and, if so, how to best configure cloud technologies to meet your particular needs. A reliable service provider can often help you at this point, because the answers quickly become technically complex as you…

  1. Define the capability you’re seeking,
  2. Understand your current environment (both strengths and weaknesses),
  3. Establish why your current environment doesn’t meet your requirements or can’t deliver the capability you seek,
  4. Determine exactly how a cloud solution will deliver the capability you want and enable your business to achieve its goals.

Stay aware of the overarching issue you’re trying to address — and why you have the issue in the first place. Doing this means discussing technology in terms of the business — not the other way around.

Treating your organization to new technology can help you implement better business practices. But don’t get tricked into thinking you’ll get better business practices just because you’ve implemented some technology.

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