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Three ways you know you’re caught in the IT Product Trap

The Product Trap. That’s where your IT guys and their product vendor buddies come to you with a neat little story about how this here latest-and-greatest gizmo should be deployed company-wide because it’ll save a gazillion dollars. Except that…

  1. They don’t have meaningful data or metrics to back up the claim.
  2. They neglect to mention that making it actually work in the real world requires significant changes to a raft of related processes and organizational structures.
  3. Or that this amount of change will take so much time and spawn so many other costs that it could well generate the kind of gridlock that disrupts, in various and unpredictable ways, the very ability of your business to do business.

That’s why it’s essential that you explore all viable technology alternatives when you’re considering process improvements. For any goal, there are multiple means of achieving it, and it’s up to you — not your IT staff — to figure out which approach best serves the business.

My advice? Talk to a trusted, vendor-neutral provider with no stake in selling you any particular type of product ¾ someone who can offer extensive expertise, an informed independent perspective, and a business-oriented focus on IT capabilities and solutions rather than just products.

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