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Introducing the 4 steps that can mitigate IT disruptions and save your business

Your organization’s ability to thrive depends on resilient information technology and data that’s available 24/7. You certainly can’t afford unanticipated downtime, a sustained system disruption, or losing your data forever.

Even comparatively brief disruptions wreck employee productivity and the ability to communicate with customers. And 60% of companies that suffer permanent data loss end up shutting down within six months.

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Three ways you know you’re caught in the IT Product Trap

The Product Trap. That’s where your IT guys and their product vendor buddies come to you with a neat little story about how this here latest-and-greatest gizmo should be deployed company-wide because it’ll save a gazillion dollars. Except that…

  1. They don’t have meaningful data or metrics to back up the claim.
  2. They neglect to mention that making it actually work in the real world requires significant changes to a raft of related processes and organizational structures.
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