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Step 2 to mastering business IT disruptions: Include employees in your planning

By definition, no event that interrupts your organization’s operations is trivial, so your plan should address all emergencies that could disrupt your business.

This requires some serious thinking about how your business works, which you can’t accomplish without your employees. Their cooperation can be inspired with the reminder that if a disruption puts the business at risk, their jobs are at risk, too. Your disruption-avoidance planning should:

  • Involve employees in identifying emergencies and developing ways to cope with them. Get them thinking through disruption scenarios — and document the results. Understand what you need to continue operations and how quickly systems and/or applications need to be restored and running. The right service provider can help you determine these needs — and may even offer you a free assessment.
  • Prepare and train employees so they know what to do in case of a disruption. Responsibility for critical business functions should be assigned to the most appropriate employee, a meet-up location should be designated in case of evacuation, and you should pick out an alternative worksite in case your facilities are unusable. Don’t forget to distribute the plan to a secure online location that’s accessible to all employees 24/7.

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