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Step 2 to mastering business IT disruptions — continued: The 3-part path to implementing cost-effective disruption recovery solutions

Before you can implement the best disruption recovery solutions, you have to know what they are. This entails a three-part process that requires business continuity/disaster recovery expertise:

  1. Figure out the minimum applications and data necessary to sustain your business and the timeframe(s) within which your necessary apps and data must be restored. How long, for example, can you function without email? How long can you make it without voice communications?

    Unless you have in-house expertise, get help from a trusted advisor to guide you through this often complex process. Look for a provider willing to work with you to determine what sorts of support levels you really need — and is able to customize its services to achieve them.
  2. Ensure that business-critical data and apps are replicated and safely vaulted in a remote online environment that’s secure but accessible from anywhere 24/7.
  3. Consider whether your business requires a secondary/emergency worksite if you can’t use yours. If you do, seek a service/site provider with state-of-the-art business resumption facilities, the ability to customize that facility as you need it, and a willingness to help you find the right balance between what you need and what you can afford.

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