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Prosperity in 2012: Best-performing organizations use cloud computing

I recently came across a cloud computing benefit/risk study conducted in the first half of 2011 by the IT Policy Compliance Group (ITPCG). It shows that best-performing organizations (which see higher profits and suffer fewer business disruptions and less data loss) use cloud computing significantly more than poor-performing organizations.

More than two-thirds of best performers use cloud computing — about half opting for private clouds, while 25% use hybrid clouds and another 25% use public clouds. By contrast, only 9% of worst performers use cloud computing.

Study findings also indicate that:

  • The type of cloud computing chosen by study participants — private, hybrid, or public — is a function of the sensitivity of the cloud application’s information and data. Cloud apps with the most sensitive data tend to be implemented in private clouds; those with the least sensitive data are more often implemented via public clouds.
  • Cloud computing benefits are being achieved in months rather than years. Best-performing organizations report seeing benefits in timeframes of six to ten months, on average.

Let’s hope this study’s lessons and insights make 2012 a happy new year for plenty of organizations wanting to enjoy higher profits, fewer business disruptions, and less data loss.

* Source: IT Policy Compliance Group, Managing the Benefits and Risks of Cloud Computing,

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